Deck Cleaning Services

Why Get Deck Cleaning Services?

In many cases, decks look great even if they're a bit dirty. When leaves fall on them and get ground in, the resulting material blends in well. Even so, most people who own or work with decks will tell you that you should have them cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Here are some of the reasons for that:

The first reason to get deck cleaning services is to eliminate that layer of natural material. Mold grows in it, and this leads to premature rotting of the deck planks. Natural grime also holds water, which increases the tendency for rot even more. When water is held into the grain of the wood, it can also cause the planks to crack during the winter freezes. Since Grand Rapids has repeated freeze-thaw cycles during the spring and fall (and sometimes, even in the middle of the winter), the chance of cracking is greatly increased.

Reason number two for getting deck cleaning services Grand Rapids is to prepare for deck repair and staining. Depending on the finishing products you use, you might need to do this every year, though it's more common to do it every three or four years. Regardless of the schedule, the new finish will not stick down well unless the deck has been thoroughly cleaned first. Deck cleaning services will use pressure washing to ensure that all grime has been removed, providing a surface that is ready to accept new sealant, stain, or paint.

Deck repair and staining, especially repair, will not look good without the help of deck cleaning services Grand Rapids. Often, repair involves replacing cracked or rotted deck planks with new ones. The new ones, being perfectly clean, will be very obvious if they are surrounded with old, dirty boards. When deck cleaning services come out and perform their work, it will greatly reduce or even eliminate this visual difference.

The appearance of a cleaned deck is the final reason to get pressure washing done even if there is no apparent problem with the deck's current condition. Simply put, it'll make your deck look new again. Even if you don't mind the looks of its usual patina, it will be far more impressive if it seems like you just got a new one. Many people in Michigan have their decks cleaned every year for this reason alone.

Regardless of your motivation for having your deck cleaned, it makes sense to have a service do the work. Good pressure washers are too expensive to get just for one use a year, so it's more economical to hire the pros.