Driveway Cleaning Service

Refresh Your Property with a Driveway Cleaning Service

The driveway is sometimes easy for homeowners to ignore, but it is also one of the most prominent features on a piece of property. Its large surface area, combined with the fact that it typically leads to the house or a garage right next to it, immediately draws the eye. That's why a dirty driveway can make your entire house look bad.

Keeping a driveway clean is all but impossible. Whenever you drive onto it, you bring road grime along on your car's tires. The driveway will get dirty even faster if your car leaks any sort of fluid. Of course, the very fact that the driveway is exposed to the elements means that it is also subject to general grime, staining from deteriorating fall leaves, dust, and other contaminants.

Solving the dirty driveway problem, fortunately, is easy. You simply need to have a driveway cleaning service come out on a regular basis. These services use power washers to dislodge all of the dirt that has accumulated since their last visit. Once they're done, the driveway will look like new again.

How often you'll need these power washing services Grand Rapids depends on how much dirt your driveway is exposed to. In general, the more vehicle traffic it gets, the more often the job will need to be done. Your environment also matters. If your driveway is lined with trees, it will likely need to be washed every year due to the leaf debris that lands on it each autumn.

When you hire power washing services Grand Rapids, you won't just get a clean driveway. You'll see how effective such treatments are for hard, dirty surfaces. Then, you'll likely be interested in having them clean other things for you, such as your sidewalk, shed exterior, deck, or even the outside of your house.

In most cases, these surfaces can handle power washing near me without any problems. However, if you have painted surfaces where the paint wasn't "baked on" at the factory, it's a good idea to test a small area first. Paint that has been applied by a roller or brush is not as durable as a factory finish.

Because of the durability factor, people who do power washing near me are most often employed to clean things that were never painted. The exceptions happen when the washing is part of a plan to repaint them. In that case, knocking all of the loose paint off of the surface is part of the goal of having the power washing done. Then, the new paint will have a clean, debris-free surface to stick to.