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Hood Cleaning Services In Grand Rapids, MI

If you own a commercial kitchen, or are managing one, it is important to pay special attention to when and how you are hood cleaning. It's important to clean commercial hoods frequently as clogged hoods can present a fire hazard. Just like washing your hands, cleaning the hoods is a part of kitchen safety protocols and ensures the overall safety of the kitchen. On top of that, hood cleaning can help the commercial kitchen run smoothly and efficiently. 


When it comes to cleaning commercial kitchen hoods, the main focus is on three major areas. This includes cleaning the grease traps, cleaning the filters and cleaning the exterior & interior of your hood. 


Here’s an outline of the steps that you will need to efficiently and thoroughly clean your kitchen hood and for the best results. 

Cleaning Grease Traps

As a restaurant is cooking food, the smoke, exhaust fumes, fryers and kitchen mess can gunk up quickly. 


When it comes to restaurant hood cleaning, you’ll need to clean the grease traps. To do this you will need to remove them. After the grease traps are removed, go ahead and remove all the grease. You can take a separate container and collect all the grease and then apply a degreaser. 

Prepare a water and liquid degreaser mixture to get the job done right. Soaking the traps in water is always a helpful way to loosen up hard to remove grease areas. Make sure to move and dry the traps effectively to get the best results.

Cleaning Grease Trap Filters

Once the grease traps are clean, the next step is to clean the filters. Remove all the filters and prepare a water and liquid degreaser mix again. Then take all of the grease filters and soak them in the solution to loosen up any fats, oils and grease.


Keep the filters soaking inside the solution overnight to get the best cleaning results. Then remove and scrub the filters, rinse them and then allow the filters to air dry. Once they are clean and dry, go ahead and reinstall the filters.

Cleaning The Exhaust Hood

The most challenging part of the process is to clean the interior and exterior of the exhaust fan. Prepare another water and liquid degreaser mixture and scrub the interior of the fan with a non-abrasive scrub pad. Using a damp towel, wipe off the interior and the exterior of the fan so that it can dry quickly. 


Once all of the exhaust hood cleaning work is done, you can reinstall the filters and the grease traps. 

Professional Restaurant Hood Cleaning

As you can see, the hood cleaning process is never an easy thing to do and you will need to pay attention to a variety of factors to get the best results. That’s why you should consider a professional hood cleaning company to get your restaurant hood cleaning work done correctly. 

This is where Elite Washers can help. 

Elite Washers offers effective and professional hood cleaning services. Using a variety of trusted cleaning measures and professional high pressure-pressure washers, we will make short work of the hood cleaning process. Don't worry about making a mess, just show us the hoods you want cleaned and we’ll make sure they are spotless. 

Hood Cleaning Services

If you’re a restaurant owner, you should pay special attention to regular hood cleaning & exhaust system cleaning maintenance. It will help keep the kitchen safe and clean at the restaurant and both your employees & customers will thank you. You can count on our team of professional pressure washers to keep your restaurant hood clean and free of grease, debris and more!

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