Gutter Cleaning

When Should You Get Gutter Cleaning?

Unlike with many other things, you shouldn't wait until your gutters are obviously dirty to have them cleaned out. That's because gutters, being overhead, don't obviously need it until they're clogged. By then, you're already experiencing problems with water spilling over the sides, or worse, backing up under your shingles and ruining your roof. To prevent this, you need to get gutter cleaning on a regular basis instead of waiting.

In most cases, it's a good idea to have gutter cleaning done every fall and spring. The fall cleaning removes fallen leaves, helping to ensure that snow melt will be able to drain properly all winter. Then, a spring cleaning gets rid of debris like twigs, which typically come down during the winter. With a spring gutter cleaning, you'll be all set for the summer rains.

Though it may be surprising, roof cleaning companies aren't limited to gutters. They can also clean the roof itself. When the roof is made of tiles or metal, it can be pressure washed much like any other hard surface. Good roof cleaning companies will always be sure to only use the amount of force that the roofing can handle. Cleaning a roof will make it look better, eliminate problems caused by leaves and other debris retaining moisture, and can make it more efficient at reflecting the summer heat away from the house.

Of course, a roof cleaning company will recommend gutter cleaning Grand Rapids if its technicians see that the extra cleaning is needed. Since they'll already be up on the roof, they'll have a perfect view of the gutters, and it's logical that they'll mention it if they see that the gutters are getting full of debris. It should also be less expensive to have gutter cleaning Grand Rapids done at the same time as a roof cleaning job. After all, the cleaners will already have gone up there, so they might as well do it all in one visit.

Having pros clean your gutters and roof doesn't just keep your systems working well. It's also safer for you. The pros will have all of the right ladders, safety harnesses, and other equipment needed to do the work with minimal risk. Most homeowners, on the other hand, have one iffy ladder and no harnesses. This makes it much riskier for the homeowner to do the work him- or herself than it is for the professional crews.

When you need your gutters or roof cleaned in Grand Rapids, MI, contact Elite Washers, LLC. The company offers free estimates.