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Can You Get More than House Washing to Protect Your Home's Exterior?

Even though vinyl siding is typically promoted as being maintenance-free, it usually only takes a few years for it to start to show its age. This is because the original clear factory coating wears off due to exposure to the elements. Once it does, mold and dirt can adhere to the building. That makes the siding look dingy and washed-out.

Restoring the appearance of the siding is then a two-step process. It starts with house washing, which removes the accumulated grime. Then, a new siding protection coating Grand Rapids washers use is applied. This coating restores the siding's ability to resist becoming dirty, and helps to reduce the appearance of weathering. It also reduces the appearance of stains that the washing couldn't remove.

Siding cleaning Grand Rapids also isn't just for vinyl. Other popular materials, such as metals and cement boards, can be cleaned as well. Some of these materials don't start out with a protective coating, but it may be possible to add new siding protection coating Grand Rapids just the same. Then, you won't have to have it washed as often and it will still stay looking nice.

A siding protection coating can, in some cases, prevent the appearance of weathering that happens to vinyl after a few years. In order to get this effect, the coating must be applied before the weathered look has already happened. Ask your local siding cleaning company how long this typically takes for the material that is on your house. Then, you can beat it by a year or two to keep the original good looks of your siding intact. Remember that it's easier to preserve the material than it is to try to bring it back from a deteriorated state.

Despite this, you shouldn't give up on siding that has already faded. A good cleaning, followed by a new layer of sealant, can work wonders. Everything looks better when it is clean, and the sealant's ability to hide stains and wear will make a great improvement in the appearance of your house.

The steps for washing and sealing are simple. Typically, siding cleaning Grand Rapids is done with a pressure washer. This not only gets rid of surface grime and mold, but also removes material from the deeper parts of any texture that is in the siding. Because of this, it's important to have it done before a new coat of sealant is applied. After all, you don't want to lock the grime in behind the sealer.

Once this is done, the sealant is applied. The formula used by the pros is better than what you'll find in a big box store, so it's worth having them come out.