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Exterior Cleaning Services

Is it Worth it to Get Exterior Cleaning Services?

Down South, it is common for people to get exterior cleaning services on a yearly basis. That's because mold and mildew are constantly growing, so it only takes a year (or less) for a house's exterior to get very obviously covered with it. In Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, however, you may wonder if you really need to get exterior house washing near me.

The answer is yes – it's still a good idea to get exterior cleaning services Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo. This is because grime and dust still accumulate on home exteriors, sheds, and other outdoor surfaces. Also, mold can still grow, even though the Michigan winters slow this growth to a great degree.

How often you'll need exterior cleaning services Grand Rapids depends on your home's immediate area and what type of grime is there. If you're in the city proper, there can be a lot of soot from vehicle exhaust and other sources. Grime from paved roads is also prevalent in urban settings. Both of these types of dirt are dark, which makes them obvious if your siding is a light color. In these cases, you might need exterior house washing once every two or three years, if not sooner.

If you're in a less-populated area, your house's exterior might not need to be washed for 10 years or more. However, your driveway and deck will likely need it every year. That's because driveways accumulate grime that is brought in on your tires. If your car leaks any fluid, that will also make your driveway look bad until washing is done.

Even though your deck doesn't get driven on, it will also need frequent washing no matter where you are. That's because most decks are made of wood, and mold and algae grow easily on the natural surface. It needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the mold from causing rot. Mold and algae also get slippery when wet, so leaving them on a deck can make it very hazardous to walk on when there has been a rain or the morning dew is still present.

Anything that you intend to paint or stain must also be washed. This ensures good adhesion for the new coating.

As you can see, you still need exterior cleaning services in Grand Rapids. The Michigan winters may eliminate some mold growth, but generic grime is not deterred by cold weather. Wooden surfaces also negate the dampening effect of the weather in the area, and will need to be washed on a regular basis. You will also need to have exterior cleaning done if you intend to paint or stain an outside surface.

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